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Save time on email by recording a voice mail and transcribing it automatically to text
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5 December 2009

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Social networking sites are a rage these days with MySpace, Facebook and others of their ilk occupying a large chunk of our time which goes in messaging friends online and maintaining contact with them in a fast and compact way. Busy schedules and professional deadlines have resulted in communication gaps with our loved ones with phone calls being replaced by e-mails and SMS and. Today voice mail facility is available and even voice messages facility is provided by mobile phone service providers. However, Speak-A-Message 5.0 is a unique application that works online and transcribes voice messages to written text. Working on the same lines as a voice mail it additionally sends e-mail along with the recorded voice message.

The Speak-A-Message 5.0 consists of a vivid and compact interface with a jazzy design and smartly arranged options at top in the form of icons. The software is one step ahead of its colleagues for its interesting functionality that involves a simple process of recording the voice mail, transcribing it automatically to text and sends it on e-mail or post it on social networking sites too. The feature list includes creation of multiple interface designs, photo messages recording, and extra audio effects to add a zing factor. Furthermore, the excellent audio compression makes a four minute recorded voice message fit in just 500KB. Also, works in integration with e-mail browser including MS Outlook and creates slide shows as well. The user can add voice notes, comments, and recordings of talks with the option of spicing up Power Point presentations and Word documents. A must have for all, the software will certainly bring all loved ones closer.

Overall, we can state that Speak-A-Message is an innovative voice message application and its degree of expertise earns a rating score of four points. Personalized and easy to use, the facility is apt for people dwelling in different geographical locations.

Publisher's description

Save time on email by recording a voice mail and transcribing it automatically to text. There is no faster and more personal way to create a message than with Speak-A-Message.
a) Faster because we speak about 3 times faster than we type. And the transcription does the typing for you.
b) More personal because your voice carries so much more content and emotion than ordinary text.
The recipient can listen to your voice or read the transcript. Even without installing Speak-A-Message. Free for home use.
The basic functionalities of Speak-A-Message are the recording and playback of voice messages.
Additional key features:
Speech-to-Text: transcribes the voice message to text
Skins: create your own design of the surface of the player and send it along with your message
PhotoMessage: record comments to your photos and send them
Audio Effects: spice-up your voice message with additional sound effects
Further Features:
Excellent audio compression: A 4-minute voice message requires only about 500kB
•Sends audio messages via your email client
•Integrates into the menu of MS Outlook
•Works with browser-based email (web mail)
•Recorded audio messages can be played-back on common media players
•Create slide shows with audio
•Distribute your audio slide shows via email or via the web
•Convert your photo shows into Flash movies (requires mp3)
•Voice notes, voice comments and recordings of talks can be added to: MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents
•Record messages using MP3 (requires MP3 codec)
Technical Requirements:
•Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
•For free Speech-to-Text Windows Vista or Windows 7 required
•Windows Media Player Version 9 or up
•PC or laptop with soundcard
•Speaker or headset for playback
•Microphone for recording
Version 5.0
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